Western Canada Conference: Red Deer, Alberta
Hosted by the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts

Join us in 2020 when Edmonton Needlecraft Guild Hosts this event!

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Stitching Retreat & Classes
Registration Feburary 2019
Red Deer College
May 31 - June 2, 2019

Red Deer, Alberta

Fibre Potpourri - a history

The idea for a provincal seminar was proposed by the Calgary Guild in 1977 but at that time the group was too small to be able to host such an event.  It wasn't until 1982 that the group felt that they were big enough to host.  There was a workshop held in Olds, Alberta that year, the same year that Calgary became a chapter member of the Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC).


But as with all oral history, Edmonton has a slightly different idea!!!  


First FP was held at Olds in 1975, then it was held at Camrose College in 1976, next was Red Deer College in 1977 then back to Olds in 1978, where it has been until this time.  Calgary’s MaryLou and Marg Tunion were involved with the initial planning, and it is thought that EAC held seminar at Banff School in 1975.  Members from Edmonton attended, including Mary Sustrick who became friends with Marg Tunion. Calgary was involved with FP way before 1982 ....


For 2019 Calgary once again hosts this event at Red Deer College.  We have enjoyed the new venue at RDC and it looks like we will continue here for the next few years!!

This year we have a new theme and mascot for the event.  

Sew: A Needle Pulling Thread

Inspired by the Sound of Music:

Composed by Richard Rogers with Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

The Sound of Music is a classic movie that always brings back wonderful memories of family and holidays.  For some of us it's an annual tradition to watch on TV at Christmas or Easter, for others who own the DVD it's a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We were inspired by the fun and music of the movie.  From our Favorite Things to handmade play clothes and puppet shows with kids!!

Our Mascot is Fredrick the Frog, who didn't mean to scare Maria when she found him in her pocket!  Dina Kidd was inspired by our theme to create 2 original artworks that we will be using on our signage.

Look for nods to the movie throughout our event and website!!

We look forward to having you attend our event!

Early Bird Draw
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Winner will be announced Friday, May 31st during our Evening Pizza Party!


Spring Kaleidoscope_croppedV2

Spring Kaleidoscope_croppedV2



Rainbow Stitches - front

Rainbow Stitches - front







Lorene Salt - Tanja Berlin - Freda Murfin - Margaret Jessop - Holly Boone - Amanda Tanner
Go to our Classes tab to see all the information on the classes!



If you would like to be a vendor please email us at

mittens 2
FP2017 Cenovus Classrooms
RDC 2018
copper kettles
FP2017 Cenovus with tables
blue satin
FP 2017 Cenovus Learning Common


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